I truly enjoy reading. Whether it’s enjoying fiction books for their story plot or a nonfiction because we’re curious on one topic.


What I’m reading at the moment:


Books read in the last month:


Books read in the past two years:






Reading goals for 2017


I have the goal to read a book a week, I will try to have 1/2 fiction, 1/2 nonfiction, one four being in French, in addition to reading the Economist (not cover to cover). The rule is, the French book needs to from a non-English speaking author.

  • Read a book from a Greek author
  • Read a book from a Roman author
  • Read at least 3 books related to
    • History
    • Psychology
    • Medicine
    • Management
    • Philosophy
    • Biography
  • Begin a book series
  • Try new fiction genre
  • Read at least one book about a religion
    • Buddhism